It is truly a pleasure to voice my support for Dominick Piegaro for School Board. For the past 7 years I have seen firsthand the positive impact Dom has made on so many of the lives of the students in Dublin. His uncanny ability to put others before himself, whether that be students, staff, or parents is unmatched to anyone in the Dublin community. I have witnessed this in all the many roles Dom has had here with the Dublin School District – as a coach, a campus supervisor and most importantly, as a parent. I cannot think of a better person to have sitting on the school board of Dublin Unified School District than Dominick Piegaro.

Jim Parsons – Fallon Middle School Teacher

I am honored to write this testimonial for Dominick Piegaro’s campaign for Dublin School Board. I have worked with Dominick for three years as his assistant football coach and he exemplifies the qualities and characteristics of what a leader should possess. He is a selfless individual that continues to put others first and who has made a huge difference in the lives of every student and staff member that he has interacted with. Dominick’s ability to relate to the students is admirable and he continues to strive to find ways to help each student in need.

His dedication to the community of Dublin High School is demonstrated through his tireless efforts in making sure that he does everything in his power to help build up those around him. He is a great role model for all students and staff and his presence brings positive energy to where ever he is on campus. With his positive attitude, dedication, and perseverance, Dominick would be a great individual added the Dublin School Board and would make a huge difference within this community.

Dominic Revelez – Assistant Football Coach Dublin High School

It is an honor to share my experience of being coached and mentored by Dominick Piegaro, better known as “Coach D”. Ever since the first day of my freshman year at Dublin High School Coach Dom has been incredibly patient in building me into the man I am today. Now, as I am about to wrap up my college career it is awesome to say he has never led me wrong, he still checks in on me, and most importantly he still believes in me.

In high school Coach D deeply cared about his students and athletes. He showed me this by always providing extra help for his students no matter how much time it took away from his family. Coach D was always there to hold after school hours for kids to get their homework done because the most important thing to him was to see his students succeed. Through my experience, he is one of the most selfless human beings I have ever encountered, and it shows, just ask former and current Dublin High students.

As a former student athlete, Coach D made it clear to everyone who was on his team that family always comes first, grades come second, and then sports comes third.
He never cared if we lost a game, but he cared deeply about how we would handle it. His mission was to implant the best character in all of us. In the classroom and on the field Coach D knows how hard kids work to be the best. So, in the face of defeat the most important thing for Coach D was to watch his students/team show respect, win and lose with humility, and always be proud to be a Dublin High Gael.

The lessons Coach D taught me through school, football, and wrestling have helped me push through college in four years all while working thirty hours a week. As I’ve grown up I feel the need to thank him more and more because believe it or not, a lot of young adults lack fundamentals of good character which he instilled in me since my first day of High School.

Along with deeply caring about his students at Dublin High school Coach D genuinely wants the best for the community of Dublin, California. During a hot summer day I remember he made the football team walk up and down the iron horse trail behind our football field to pick up trash because he wanted us to “be proud of where we live” and to “take care of a place that has given us so much to be thankful for”. I have lived in Dublin for twenty years and I have never seen such passion, sacrifice, and commitment shown from an individual toward a city. Over many years, Dominick Piegaro has shown to the city of Dublin that he truly wants the best for us and he is more than willing to do whatever it takes to be a leader and representative of such a great city.

Michael Shaner – Former Student and Athlete (Wrestling & Football) at Dublin High School